New platform helps streamline DevOps processes


DevOps has boosted the speed of development, but this very advantage can lead to problems and errors making their way through to production without being spotted.

California-based DeepFactor is launching a new Continuous Pre-Production Monitoring platform that combines security, performance and behavior monitoring into one solution that is completely integrated into the DevOps pipeline.

"Today, software developers and QA engineers focus on building and testing application functionality, but they lack visibility into the application's runtime behavior, security and performance, in dev, test and staging environments," says Kiran Kamity, co-founder and CEO of DeepFactor. "This leads to the risk of high cost production problems that could have easily been avoided if the developers had a continuous runtime visibility platform."

The new solution combines DeepFactor's patented Deep Passive Monitoring technology with their Application Runtime Intelligence engine to detect potential security and performance issues as well as risky and unexpected behavior changes between releases. This allows teams to identify and fix runtime issues before code is shipped to production environments.

A portal provides a centralized management and reporting interface for both developers and DevOps admins. DeepFactor also has pre-packaged integrations with popular DevOps lifecycle management tools such as Jira, Jenkins, Slack, Github and others.

"This will give developers continuous visibility into their application's behavior, security and performance, before releasing the application into production," adds Kamity. "It's going to shift developers from running blind to actually being runtime ready."

You can learn more on the DeepFactor site and there's a video overview below.

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